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Living in a passive house

We fully confirm the throughout positive experience from owners living in passive-houses, we met during the annual passive house days.

+++ Living in a passive-house is a privilege +++

The initial skepticism to live with the windows shut disappeared. Sure, we could live in a passive-house with open windows and terrace doors as well, but we really do not miss pollen, dust and insects and the summer heat entering our home.
Fresh air is constantly flowing into our home (24/7)!

One little disadvantage though is dry air we sometimes need to take measures for. However, even though we did not go for it, nowadays you can get special heat-exchangers for the ventilation system, allowing moisture to get in the home.
Most of us know the fug building up in bedrooms of conventional homes, especially when the windows are shut in wintery conditions.
In contrast it is a blessing to wake up following a silent night in our bedroom surrounded by fresh air. 

Energy consumption

An energy-plus home generally produces more energy than it needs. 
Our lean-to roof enables us to produce even more energy, we are sending/selling to the grid. 

Solar power – balance sheet 2018:

Energy Balance 2018

We are able to cover more than the gap of appr. 2500 KWh we do not receive a compensation for (see: Details /solar power).
On top of that
we produced 48 % of our power consumption yet without a battery-pack!

A list of the most relevant individual power consumers in our house:

Consumption 2018

Beside the affortable S0-counters (starting at 15 € @ bg-etech we can recommend Fritz Dect 200 (for 45 €) for all devices you may wish/need to measure & remotely switch. This is a kind of a simple smart-home feature connected via the FritzBox router.
A (recent) FritzBox can access 10 of these devices accessible via FritzFon or out of the home via your smartphone.

Our expectations were exceeded by far:

consumption vs calculation - 2020

Summary of “target” vs. “calculation” vs. “actual consumption”!